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McKenzie Method(MDT)

MDT is a heavily researched assessment protocol that focuses on finding the correct exercise/stretch that relieves pain, improves posture, and improves range of motion. A key aspect is teaching you the correct exercise/stretch that will get you better and keep you better long after you leave the clinic.

If your Sun Prairie chiropractor or physical therapist is not trained in MDT, they might be missing a large piece of the puzzle that could help you feel better faster.

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain/Disc bulges

Joint Pain



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What does it take to be certified?


Physical therapists or Chiropractors must complete a series of advanced postgraduate courses to become certified practitioners of the McKenzie Method® of MDT, an evidence-based patient management system proven to eliminate back, neck and extremity pain in fewer visits compared to traditional treatment.

Fun fact: Dr. Logan Georgeson is the ONLY certified MDT chiropractor in Sun Prairie and is 1 of 15 clinicians in the entire state of WI!

Take the next step. Schedule a McKenzie assessment today.

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