Scraping/cupping/myofascial release

The goal is to induce a force on tissue to help it heal faster with the correct fiber orientation. It can speed up recovery time and address scar tissue that is causing painful/restricted movements. It works on the fascia (covers all muscles and organs), muscles, tendons, and ligaments.



Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) "Scraping" uses a tool with a beveled edge to help apply a smooth and consistent force along the tissue. It can be used on multiple large and medium size muscles as well as small intrinsic musculature. 


Active Cupping


Active cupping uses cupping while performing an exercise to help the muscle and fascia glide along each other throughout an active movement. It allows the doctor to be more pin point on the exact tissue that needs the stimulus. 


Myofascial Release


Specific hands on therapy that applies load to muscles, tendons, and ligaments to improve healing and decrease spasms. It is commonly combined with movement/exercise.


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