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Functional Rehabilitation

Our Sun Prairie chiropractor incorporates all of the leading functional training techniques to help you perform the activity you are struggling with. A great way to get a workout in that translates directly to your ever day life! 

McGill Exercise


Your Sun Prairie chiropractor incorporates the McGill big 3 exercises to help you with maintaining your low back. It is a great core exercise program that can keep your low back strong and resilient to your day to day tasks. 



Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization technique is great for helping out joints and nerves work together. Your Sun Prairie chiropractor incorporates this method to help keep your joints "centralized" while exercising. This helps with the mind body connection and can lead to greater success in activity as well as reduce injury risk!



Your Sun Prairie chiropractor, Dr. Georgeson is the ONLY certified chiropractor in Sun Prairie. He incorporates this method to help you feel stronger in a variety of positions you might find yourself in during your day. It is great for posture restoration and improving resilience to difficulty positions you are in for work. 

Take the next step and get a functional movement screening done by our Sun Prairie chiropractor! 

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