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Your Sun Prairie Dry Needling Specialist!

We practice multiple methods to get you the best results possible!


Trigger Point Needling

Our Sun Prairie chiropractor has a lot of experience in trigger point dry needling for tension headaches/neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and much more.  We then follow up with exercise as well to make sure you can maintain the relief on your own.


Superficial Dry Needling

Dry Needling without penetrating deep into the musculature, minimizing discomfort while still providing therapeutic benefit.  A great alternative if trigger point dry needling is too intense!


Neurological Dry Needling

Neurological dry needling treats the body as whole. We focus on specific neural points where certain nerves give the most feedback to the brain. A great way to target the whole system and attack chronic pain stimulators.


Dry Needling + Electric Stim.

Dry needling paired with electric stimulation is utilized to help tone down muscles, decrease radicular pain symptoms and much more! 

What does it help with? Neck pain, shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries, elbow pain due to lateral or medial epicondylitis, Achilles tendinopathies, and much more!

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