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One of the developers of Graston technique left because he wanted to follow the current evidence on soft tissue treatments. This meant creating a whole new method that incorporates the instrument assisted technique (IASTM) as well as applying functional movements to the treatment. 

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This type of treatment incorporates a tool that is used to scrape the muscles and fascia. The purpose is to help loosen of scar tissue and provide your muscle or ligament with the blood flow it needs to heal. 



Fascial decompression (cupping) is a great alternate soft tissue therapy to IASTM, ART, or dry needling. It brings blood flow directly to the area promoting healing in the tissues.



Kinesiotape or Dynamic Tape is used to support the  body. Great for helping patients struggling with posture. It is a tool used to help correct posture and educate your muscles to keep you in the position. It can be used to take off stress of certain muscles and/or joints as well.

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