Common Questions:

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We DO accept insurance. If you have insurance, please call our office for a free benefits check. We are very open about our prices and there are no hidden fees of any kind.


 - If you don't have insurance that is okay! We accept all forms of private pay as well (debit/credit cards, HSA/FSA, and cash).


 - We pride ourselves on getting patients better fast and avoid lengthy treatment plans that require you to come back "for the rest of your life". Please call or submit an inquiry to find out more about your specific pricing situation. 

Q: What is the first appointment like?

A: Your first visit will usually take between 30-60 minutes. During your first appointment, Dr. Georgeson will take a detailed history and perform an examination. The examination will consist of physical, neurological, and orthopedic exams. Usually treatment will be provided the same day.


 - Your first visit will also involve a functional movement evaluation and biomechanical assessment focused on the activities that cause you pain or discomfort (like running, lifting, sitting at a desk, etc.). 


 - While rare, if necessary, you may be sent out for x-rays or other advanced imaging procedures before continuing with care.

Q: Do you take X-rays on every patient?

A: No, rarely are x-rays or other additional diagnostic imagining necessary and when necessary we will refer you to a local imaging facility to have your images taken and read by a specialist. Our office does not have an x-ray unit onsite.

Q: How many visits do I need to feel better?

A: Every patient is different and that is why a customized assessment that incorporates clinical findings and your personal wellness goals is performed. Together with Dr. Georgeson, patients discuss their short-term and long-term goals. For some this could be just a few visits and they are discharged from care. Others it could take longer to reach their goals. 

 - Your goals are the priority, that is why if Dr. Georgeson determines that PPCR is not the appropriate starting point for your care, he will make the appropriate referral to another local healthcare professional to help you achieve them.