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Common conditions we treat:

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What to expect from your sun prairie sports chiropractor

  • Personalized care.

  • An advocate for YOUR  health.

  • Physical rehabilitation, strength training, and conditioning specialist.

  • 1 on 1 care with the doctor.

What's new

With the new updates from the CDC and Wisconsin Public Health and Safety our  COVID-19 policy has changed. Checkout below!

Mask in Style
Cleaning Table
Neat Waiting Room

Dr. Georgeson makes it a requirement to wear a mask while treating every patient. Following the CDC recommendations for healthcare facilities, all patients (vaccinated or unvaccinated) will be required to wear a mask.

Sanitizer is available for everyone! Every area is wiped down before the patient gets there and immediately after they leave.

You are allowed to come in and sit down in the waiting area while waiting for your appointment.   


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us, your health and safety is our top priority!

What our patients say

Badier V

"Dr. Logan is a godsend. I have been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder issues for years, and most chiropractors would give me temporary relief and just keep treating the symptoms. Dr. Logan took the time to explain what was going on in a way I could understand it, and because he focuses on rehab as well, he aims to strengthen your weaknesses so you can live with less pain."

"The practice is clean, convenient, and he takes COVID precautions seriously."

Caitlyn C

"Working with Logan was an awesome experience. I am a former professional athlete, and he was able to help me and guide me to feeling better in problem areas I have had for years. He even showed me things I can do at home to improve on my own. It was fun to work with someone who is genuinely excited to help his patients feel better."

Brenda G

"After my first consultation and visit with Dr. Logan, I knew I had found the right Chiropractor. He took the time to hear what my challenges were that brought me to him, explained how he works with his patients as well as why he approaches care the way he does.


It was refreshing to have found a doctor who wanted to help me get better but also teach me what I need to do at home for self care and the more that I did the exercises and followed his recommendations, the strong and better I felt. I also appreciated the details that he provided to understand my injury and what rehabilitation would look like for me. Dr. Logan is patient but persistent, he wants the best for his patients and it is oblivious in the care that you receive."

Jennifer S

"I called Dr. Logan at 4pm on a Friday with concerns of my daughter's neck pain from a sports injury. He had us come right in to do a consult. After a very thorough diagnoses, he not only treated the problem, but gave her exercises to do on her own that would aid in the healing process.


After 3 days, she has huge pain relief and has progressed to the next set of exercises. We have never learned so much in a short period of time on how to move the body to prevent injury.


Dr. Logan incorporates chiropractic with rehab making it the perfect healing process. We can't thank him enough for his wealth of knowledge and techniques used to get our daughter back on the court moving well!"

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Dr. Georgeson's certifications and affiliations.

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