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Sun Prairie's Sports Chiropractor Top 3 Exercises for Knee Pain!

Do you have knee pain when participating in athletic activities? Is it limiting your performance? Have you tried physical therapy, chiropractic, primary care doctors, massage, and are running out of ideas?


Here are my top 3 knee exercises you can try on your own at home!

1) End Range Knee Extensions

  • This is our number one go to exercise for knee pain. It is as simple as straightening your leg/knee as far as you can. We look for any blockage/restriction and work into it. The number ONE range of motion loss we see with knees is extension, hence why it is so important to start with. This exercise is about improving joint integrity/health rather than strengthening muscles.

2) Resisted Knee Extensions

  • Our second exercise for knee pain is called a quadricep (the large muscle on the front of your leg) extensions. The key is to find a level of resistance that is not too difficult, but still challenges you. Straighten your leg/knee as far as you can with resistance, and slowly control the resistance when relaxing back into starting position. This exercise is for strengthening muscles around the knee.

3) Single Leg Star Drill

  • Our third exercise for knee pain is the single leg star drill. This exercise is more advanced and incorporates the entire lower body. It is a great dynamic exercise to help build balance, stability, and proprioception. The key is to have a stable base and start slow. Make sure your hips are not collapsing down, stance foot is not coming off the ground, and the knee is not collapsing inward. This exercise strengthens muscles in the butt and leg, while improving balance.


If you are still struggling to find answers for your knee pain contact us at Peak Performance Chiropractic and Rehab. Dr. Logan Georgeson is highly skilled at assessing and treating knee injuries using the McKenzie method (MDT), and Functional And Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR). The combination of specific exercises and movement education will have you feeling better, moving better, and back to your activity in no time.

As always, please remember that while online information is a great place to start it does not replace a thorough examination and care under the supervision of a trained medical professional. If you’re in pain, looking for answers, and feel like you have tried everything, or want help getting started, contact us, we would love to help! We are here to help you move well, encourage you to move often, and regain your freedom from pain!

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