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Sun Prairie's Sports Chiropractor Plantar Fasciitis Treatment!

Why Doesn't Foot Pain Go Away?

Foot pain affects 1 in 5 people, females more often than males. We like to think of the feet like the foundation of a house. When the house's foundation is faulty or has a crack, there is a risk that everything could collapse. Poor foot mechanics, bad footwear, and weak muscles can all contribute to a "crack" in the foundation, thus keeping the foot pain around until it's properly treated.

At PPCR we take a multi-treatment approach to help resolve foot pain and create a foundation that can be used long-term! Below are 3 approaches our clinic takes to address foot pain and/or plantar fasciitis:

Ankle/Foot Manipulation:

The first step is to check the joints of the ankle/foot. Manipulation of the foot or ankle can help restore full range of movement that may be lacking. This helps build a strong support system for the muscles to begin strengthening and building that foundation.

FAKTR/Soft Tissue Manipulation:

When treating foot pain from plantar fasciitis it's crucial to address the plantar fascia and the other musculature structures around it. Our clinic combines FAKTR (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and myofascial release to help relieve pain and promote healing.

Physical Rehabilitation Exercise:

A simple exercise that helps the foot engage the natural arch while building strength, is called the toe-spread-grab exercise. This helps build the strength in the foot to create long lasting results.


Foot pain can be difficult to treat if you or a professional you are seeing is only treating one aspect of the cause. Multiple approaches are needed to address the biomechanical issues in the foot. To change the tissue (muscles and fascia) it needs to be physically activated, via soft tissue manipulation and exercise.

Other modalities like laser (Cold or Class IV), stim, creams, etc., may take a lot longer to heal because it is addressing one aspect of the issue. Once stopped, the condition will most likely return unless further action is taken to build strength. At PPCR we do everything we can to help you understand your condition, treat using evidenced backed care, and provide you the education you need for long term relief!

As always, please remember that while online information is a great place to start it does not replace a thorough examination and care under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. Our Sun Prairie chiropractor Dr. Logan Georgeson is a trained healthcare professional and can try to answer all of your questions. If you’re in pain, looking for answers, and feel like you have tried everything, or want help getting started, contact us, we would love to help! If you have questions about chiropractic care, give us a call! We are here to help you move well and encourage you to move often so you can achieve freedom from pain!

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